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Beautiful, Sherri. So much truth in this message.

Susan Tolle Knight, referring to The Love I Know


Declare Strength in the Midst of the Storm

Several years ago, a tornado attempted to descend upon our house from the sky above. Its access was fiercely denied.

On one otherwise-normal summer evening, I was casually sitting in my living room when I suddenly heard a strange commotion and uncharacteristically loud yelling coming from the backyard. Alarmed, my daughter and I jumped up and quickly scrambled to the back door. Our curious rush, however, came to an abrupt screeching halt ...


The Chosen Dedicates Production Set and Announces S3 Theme

In a mutually beneficial partnership with The Salvation Army's Camp Hoblitzelle, the hit series has established a permanent home in North Texas.

The international hit streaming television series The Chosen has now completed filming of its most recent season and continues moving forward with unprecedented success as the largest fan-supported entertainment project of all time. In a mutually beneficial strategic partnership with The Salvation Army's Camp Hoblitzelle ...


A Day on the Set of The Chosen Filming the Season 3 #F5K Episode

We joined thousands of extras who gathered to film the epic Feeding of the 5,000 scene for the hit streaming series.

I never cease being amazed at the way God so lovingly orchestrates the events in our lives. For several weeks, although I hadn't mentioned it to anyone, I had felt very drawn to the idea of becoming involved in the process of providing media coverage for the hit streaming television show The Chosen ...


The State Fair of Texas Media Day Offers a Sneak Peek

A buzz of excitement filled the grounds of Fair Park as vendors prepared for expected crowds just ahead of opening day.

Just ahead of opening day, the local media gathers on the grounds of Fair Park for a sneak peek into what's on tap for the annual State Fair of Texas. During a day of press conferences, networking, and interviews, journalists receive information about features, exhibits, new technologies, and the latest automotive offerings ...


Two Weeks of Solitude Create a Significant Shift in Perspective

While spending two full weeks at a remote cabin along the Vermilion River, I took only my camera for entertainment.

Only a few days had gone by after arriving at Gold Mine Camp before I realized that I had already developed a fairly predictable routine. Almost every day, I woke up, fed my dogs, and made a big family-style breakfast including fresh scrambled eggs, hickory bacon, and buttered pancakes drenched in thick maple syrup. After everyone else left ...


As a Journalist, I Can Assure You of This Unwavering Truth

In this beleaguered season of disinformation and bold-faced lies, hold tight to these undeniable never-changing facts.

At the core of our existence, don't we each tend to crave goodness, kindness, justice, and liberty? Deep down, don't we want our freedom of self expression to be contained within the protective societal boundaries of fairness, rightness, and even holiness? Celebrities are expected to be role models, politicians are expected to be honorable ...


Newly-Released Audio of Interview with Hollywood's Val Kilmer

Hear humor and insights from my conversation with Val Kilmer at Hotel Palomar on April 12, 2013.

In honor or the Amazon Prime premiere of the new documentary Val, I'd like to share some never-before-released audio clips of my conversation with Val Kilmer at Hotel Palomar on April 12, 2013. Val is one of the most endearing souls I have ever met, and his humor and zeal for life is as evident now as it was then. ...


A Week of Reading, Relaxing, Fishing, and Photography

Enjoy this visual recap of my recent 10-day escape to a different reality at Gold Mine Camp along the Vermilion River.

There was practically no one on the river at all ... well, unless you count that moose and her calf, the eagle that flew overhead, the pelican meandering along the bank, or the beavers quietly taking a swim. The trip up north (about 5 miles from the Canadian border) was serene and peaceful, spectacularly beautiful, and gloriously relaxing ...


My Twitter Account Was Suspended. Wait, What!?!

Completely blindsided by the notice, I could not be more elated; and I will carry the screenshot as a badge of honor.

Was it something I said? Today Twitter informed me that my personal account has been suspended. Although I was completely blindsided by the unexpected notice, I could not possibly be more elated; and I will carry the screenshot as a badge of honor and serendipitous life accomplishment. Since I rarely post on the platform, I can only assume ...


Riding the Scrambler Safely with My Father

There was that one moment when what had previously been fun and exciting suddenly seemed precariously unsettling.

When I was a young, my dad and I would sometimes ride The Scrambler at a carnival or the State Fair. I vividly remember the two of us smiling and laughing as the ride would begin with a slow-and-easy sway before that characteristic motion gradually got faster and faster. There always seemed to be that one moment though ...


Just Wait for the Second Act. It's Really Going to Be Something!

As we experience an unprecedented global awakening taking place in our midst, we each have a crucial part to play.

Years ago, Michael Jenkins, who was the President of Dallas Summer Musicals at that time, would often invite me and Scott to stop by his office during opening night intermission. We'd visit for a short while, have refreshments, and chat about the show. As part of those cherished conversations, Michael would always proudly and enthusiastically ...


Hiking at Cross Timbers Hiking Trail Makes for a Great Day

Distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and surround yourself with a serene natural environment.

Known as the toughest little trail in Texas, a moderate degree of difficulty and a high degree of fun can be expected from this 14-mile trail that winds along the southern shoreline of Lake Texoma in the thick of the Cross Timbers Wilderness ...


Free Yourself from Guilt and Receive Abundant Forgiveness

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, you are sure to find that there is freedom from shame and liberation from an utterly defeated enemy.

I still remember the life-altering moment like it was yesterday. Soft rays of sunshine filtered through classroom windows as I approached the large wooden desk and submitted my completed assignment to the overly stern substitute teacher. As I timidly stood waiting for her impending verdict, my eyes began to casually wander ...


Celebrating 29 Fun Years of Marriage With This Crazy Wackadoodle

Whenever I'm asked to give my advice on matters of marriage, I say, Go for the funny ... you'll always have that.

When it comes to my marriage to Scott Tilley, there are two questions that people commonly ask me. First of all, people wonder, Is he like this at home? to which my reply is always, Yes. And secondly, they ask, How can you two stand to be around one another so much? to which my response is always, Because we like each other. ...


Scenes from the Passenger Seat: Heartland, USA

What do you do when your husband has to take a road trip to Minnesota? You go along and snap some iPhone photos.

My mom would be so proud. During my childhood, she always used to tell me and my brother to sit back and enjoy the pretty scenery whenever we got fidgety on long trips to go see our extended family members who lived hours away in the easternmost part of our state. At the time, her suggestion generally failed to spark any shared ...


Luxury and Supercar Showcase Preview at the Four Seasons

Dallas/Fort Worth's premier luxury lifestyle and automotive event will feature some of the world's most coveted brands.

You're going to want to seriously consider attending the annual Luxury & Supercar Showcase hosted by Park Place Dealerships when this premier luxury lifestyle and automotive event returns to the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. Special thanks to Aardvark Communications, Inc. for inviting us to preview the festivities ...


My Grandmother: An Inspiring Example of Grit and Glamour

A strong Christian woman who was deeply in love with the Lord, she was a bright light in my life.

This photo, taken by my husband Scott in February, is the last picture I have of me and my grandmother who passed away last night at the age of 94. In her younger years, she was a cheerleader, a pilot, a hair salon owner, and the most glamorous woman I knew. In her later years, she taught me to be bold, helped me become the best ...


American Flat Track Racing at Texas Motor Speedway

An exciting evening of motocross racing, or a waltz around the track for an artsy photo shoot? Perhaps both, really.

What a fun time we had at the American Flat Track races at Texas Motor Speedway. The photographer vest always makes me feel like such a hot shot—like I'm with the band or something. Special thanks to Kelli Dobbins for the invitation, and congratulations to winners Cory Texter, Shayna Texter, and Jared Mees. ...


Paragliding with Scott Tilley at Torrey Pines Gliderport

I ran off a cliff. Run, run, run ... and when you get near the edge of the cliff, keep running! These were my instructions.

After spending a day driving and filming the all-new adventure-ready Ford Ranger, I soared off a cliff for an active excursion of my own over the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego, California. A special thank you to Ford Motor Company for the incredible opportunity and to Scott Tilley for capturing the moment with photos and video before ...


Emergency Airplane Landing Leads to Moment of Self Reckoning

Not my first brush with death, I know that these situations provide an opportunity to take stock and ponder things

#1) Don't freak. #2) We're fine. #3) We will be delayed. Those were the first words of a text message that Scott and I sent to our kids the moment our American Airlines plane touched the ground after making an emergency landing in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday afternoon. On the way to Pennsylvania, a mechanical malfunction caused the ...


A Bluesy Evening on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee

Officially deemed Home of the Blues, Beale Avenue is known as America's most iconic street.

It only takes a short stroll along this neon-lit stretch of road to understand why the national historic landmark is Tennessee's top tourism attraction. Memorabilia depicting great musicians dots the sidewalks as live music fills the air seven nights a week on this iconic city block in the heart of downtown Memphis. The shrimp gumbo at ...


A Snow-Covered Road Trippin' Adventure Through the Poconos

Our scenic drive was delightfully enhanced by a thick blanket of snowfall covering the ground.

After a lengthy road trip originating in Dallas, Texas, we drove through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut on our way to Boston, Massachusetts. Despite the fact that we'd hit some golf balls the day before on a manicured green course under a bright blue sky, the overnight low temperature ushered in ...


Mardi Gras Artistry: Hand-Crafted Peacock Feathered Headdress

This stunning headpiece was designed, created, and worn only once by the Krewe de Etoile Duchess of Grace Royal Court Member.

This comfortable and sturdy headpiece (which is no longer for sale, but can be recreated upon commission) was made up of a collection of feathers embelished with gold-colored jewelry and costume flower-shaped jewels. Attached to a standard headband with hair grip texture, the headdress is lightweight, beautiful, and easy to wear ...


Mardi Gras Artistry: Custom Fairy Tale Tablescape Decorations

This exquisite themed tablescape decoration with accompanying place settings has been called beautiful, spectacular, exquisite, and jaw-dropping.

This custom hand-crafted fairy tale centerpiece (which is no longer for sale, but can be recreated upon commission) was all the rage at the Krewe de Etoile Mardi Gras Gala Masquerade and included a full table-setting package which could be used for a holiday table decoration, birthday party, or wedding reception ...


Mardi Gras Masquerade as the Krewe de Etoile Duchess of Grace

Our time on the royal court as Duke and Duchess of Grace was spent hosting a table of wonderful friends for drinks, dinner, and dancing.

Laced with special guests, this extravagant event at the Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas, Texas, was attended by local partygoers and a royal court in full regalia. Depicting the theme A Whimsical Wonderland, the seasonal celebration featured authentic New Orleans cuisine, an indoor umbrella parade led by a brass band, lots of ...


First Annual End-of-Year Gift Card Inventory Blow Out!

Our mission was to clear the remaining balances on our entire stack of accumulated gift cards in one single day.

Our First Annual End-of-Year Gift Card Inventory Blow Out was a huge success! Our mission, which we obviously chose to accept, was to clear the remaining balances on our entire stack of accumulated gift cards in just one day. Some cards we'd had for years and some we'd had for days; but at this point, ALL HAD TO GO! ...


Christmas Celebrations Have Been in Full Force This Year

'Twas the three weeks before Christmas, and we were barely at the house. But now St. Nicholas soon will be here.

Traipsing around to seasonal events in Galveston and Dallas and various stops in between, Scott and I put quite some effort into celebrating the winter holiday this year. From Dickens on the Strand in Galveston and 12 Days of Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum to Magical Winter Lights in Grand Prairie and the Gift of Lights at ...


Fall Stampede Hosts Talk of Ducks and Bucks and Big Ol' Trucks

Members of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association gathered at Shaw's Bend Social Club in Columbus, Texas.

A simulated mine shaft marks the entrance of the Cowboy Action Shooting course at Shaw's Bend Social Club in Columbus, Texas, where members of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association gathered for the organization's annual Fall Stampede. Comprised of a dedicated group of outdoor journalists, wildlife photographers, and nature artists ...


El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail Follows History

Travel along this route with my step-by-step itinerary of significant landmarks, missions, presidios, and historic locales.

From Nacogdoches to Natchitoches, the El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail offers a wealth of interactive historical landmarks and entertainment venues. Follow in the footsteps of Stephen F. Austin, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, and many more with our step-by-step itinerary of significant landmarks, missions, ...


Making Us Great Again: A Trump Supporter's Message

With unprecedented changes rippling across the globe in culture, life, and politics, I hope one thing stays exactly the same.

The first time I saw the impact of Donald Trump's presidential campaign was when my husband and I attended the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, August 15, 2015. That, coincidentally, turned out to be the very same day that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were visiting as well. Shortly after Clinton had departed that morning ...


Who Told You You're Not Beautiful?

Sherri Tilley poses this question to ladies of all shapes and sizes: Who told you that you're not beautiful? And what price have you paid for believing the lie?

I was 85 pounds when I graduated from high school. And if I had a dime for every time someone has walked up to me, grabbed my 5" wrist and said, You're so skinny! or Girl, you need to eat, I could perhaps purchase my own private island and escape what has been a lifetime of skinny-shaming. My body image began to shatter at ten ...


Enchanted Rock State Natural Area Offers Awe-Inspiring Stargazing

The stars at night are big and bright at this international dark sky park deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

The night sky views are stunningly spectacular at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, an International Dark Sky Park in Fredericksburg, Texas. A picturesque 95-mile jaunt from Austin, this massive pink granite dome-shaped rock formation draws thousands of campers, hikers, rock climbers, stargazers, and geocache enthusiasts annually. ...


The Love I Know: A Dream Encounter with Jesus Christ

I saw Jesus in a dream once. Human words can in no way even begin to adequately express the depth of love and kindness that emanated from this man.

I saw Jesus in a dream once. I turned around; and there He was, standing near a cottage on a cobblestone path lined with bright pink flowers, just talking to me. Instantly, I was on the ground consumed in the realization that He knew everything about me ... everything I'd ever done, and more sobering, everything I'd ever even thought ...


When Giving Becomes the Gift: A True Story of Receiving Free Cars

Some call it 'creating positive energy' or 'putting it out to the universe,' but I simply know it as sowing and reaping.

From the other end of a large empty hall, Kristi ran up to me yelling something to the effect of You were right! It worked! I got a car! It was undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling moments in my entire life. And it was the very moment that I truly understood why it is more blessed to give than to receive. The story had begun three days ...


Vegas Baby! Renewing Vows After 22 Years of Marriage

Much of what happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas, but the rest is a cleaner version of our trip to dirrrty Vegas!

Thank you, thank you to my amazing husband Scott Tilley for flying me to Vegas to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. It was without a doubt one of the most epic trips we have EVER taken! As we checked into the Paris Las Vegas hotel on Thursday and headed up to our room on the 30th floor, I could hear the Jersey Boys' song Sherry ...


Celebrity Crush: Shooting Our Stars

Sherri Tilley, publisher of The Flash List, discusses inconsistencies in the treatment of celebrities and the high price we count as the cost of our entertainment.

I met actor Scott Baio when I was quite young, so I've never really gotten star-struck. I've always tended to view famous people as just that ... people. Don't get me wrong, I have an immense amount of respect for the gifts and abilities that have been bestowed upon others. I just don't think it defines them. I believe rather that our God-given ...


His Strength Is Made Perfect in Our Weakness

God took my small effort and multiplied it many, many times over; and I was totally shocked at what He had done.

Have you ever felt like you just weren't good enough or wondered how God could possibly use a person as unqualified as yourself? One day, as I was walking down the streets of a neighborhood in Colombia, South America, God began to address this issue in my life. I had just arrived with a group from the United States to assist ...

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